Park heroja 15 24 413 Palić | Hősök parkja 15, 24413 Palics | ПАРК ГЕРОЕВ 15, 24413 Палич

About Elitte Palić


Elitte Palić company has been founded in 1994, and is one of the leaders in the field of tourism and hospitality in Palić and its surroundings.


All the sites belonging to the company are actually protected monuments of culture.

Contemporary trends

Monitoring of modern trends in tourism and improving the level of our services is an imperative for the company.




Elitte Palić company has been founded in 1994, and is an important part of tourism and hospitality industry. The company includes two hotels and two restaurants, and all these sites are protected monuments of culture.

ISO certification

“Elitte-Palić” is certified for ISO 9001: 2001 and HACCP standards in the field of hotel and restaurant services and congress tourism. The obtained certificates cover restaurants “Mala gostiona” and “Riblja csarda”, as well as hotel “Park” and depandance “Jezero”.

Your personal oasis of peace

Staying in our facilities surrounded by greenery guarantees you rest and escape from everyday stress. The shore of Lake Palić is ideal for long walks, a you can complete your day with a unique gastronomic experience in our restaurants.