Park heroja 15 24 413 Palić | Hősök parkja 15, 24413 Palics | ПАРК ГЕРОЕВ 15, 24413 Палич

About Palić

Lake Palić and the settlement are located 8 kilometers east of Subotica. The Great park, peace and quiet, and the authentic Art Nouveau buildings from the early 20th century make Palić a unique oasis. Lake has reached its peak of development as a spa and elite resort at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century. The Great Park is a unique environment, in which the natural value and unique architecture of the Art Nouveau perfectly intertwine: Water Tower, Grand Terrace, Music Pavilion and Women’s Strand. A variety of content on the lake and in the immediate vicinity allow an enjoyable stay: sports and recreation grounds, thermal pool, zoo, biking and hiking trails, a variety of events and festivals. The proximity of Subotica complements the stay in Palić, and a number of wineries and farms are ideal places for the lovers of good food and great wine.