Park heroja 15 24 413 Palić | Hősök parkja 15, 24413 Palics | ПАРК ГЕРОЕВ 15, 24413 Палич
Welcome to the oasis of peace and tranquility
For your perfect holiday
Comfortable rooms and suites
The queen of Palić since 1852.
Specialized fish restaurant on the shore of the Lake.


The hotel and depandance have a total of 55 rooms and 9 junior suites.

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The gate of Palić Spa

Take a step back in time, and enjoy the wonders of Art Nouveau during a walk through the Great park.

Mystique blue vases

The blue vases with the image of water deities have been given to Palić as a gift from the owner of Zsolnay factory from Pécs in 1910, as a thank you gift for such a vast use of his ceramics in the decoration of Subotica and Palić. Two out of three vases are located in front of hotel Park and depandance Jezero.


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