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Mala gostiona restaurant

Legendary, authentic, and 164 years old, restaurant “Mala gostiona” has witnessed some of the most beautiful stories of Palić.

About Mala gostiona

There might be only a few gourmets and lovers of good food who have not heard of the restaurant „Mala gostiona.“ 164 years in the same place and under the same name, this restaurant preserves and continues the beautiful story of Palić Lake. The restaurant’s ambience is adjusted to the unique architecture of Palić in the style of the Hungarian Secession, and evokes the golden age of Palić from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
The tradition of the restaurant since 1994. is the Sunday family lunch buffet, with a rich selection of national and international cuisines, and a carefully selected range of local specialities.

Weddings: Say “yes” in the beautiful ambience of the restaurant “Mala gostiona”, with the tradition of over 160 years. Our team offers you its personal involvement, to make sure that every step of your day is to be planned carefully, and your expectations fulfilled. We offer you a wide selection of food and drinks for the wedding dinner, with a menu tailored to your wishes. “Elitte Palić” offers you a gift – a night in a wedding suite in hotel “Park”. “Mala gostiona”, on the shore of Lake Palić, is the ideal place for your wedding, and our organizers will make sure that your day becomes a day to remember.

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